World War 2 Trench

Lying on the western boundary of the park is the faint outline of what seems to have been a trench. It is in roughly the right position to be the remains of a structure shown on Polish Army plans from 1940.

Possible Polish Army Trench from 1940
Possible Polish Army Trench from 1940

In the trees on the other side of the road, beyond the park wall, the local Home Guard and Polish Army constructed a series of positions to protect the western approaches to Dunfermline in case of German invasion. Any positions in the Park would, at last initially, have had a supporting role for troops based across the road.

Perhaps the trench, if that is what it was, was a shelter to provide temporary cover in the event of air attack?

The Possible Polish Position in the Park
The Possible Polish Position in the Park, just visible in the turf

This summer’s work on the trench will be the first time the feature has been studied. We intend to record the feature and determine how likely it is to have been part of the Polish defences. Our findings will contribute directly to the Defend Dunfermline Festival in August.