2018 Field School Gets Ready

With some of this year’s students arrived and settled into Pittencrieff House we spent the day preparing the Abbey Graveyard site for the first field school, which starts tomorrow.

It Rained
It Rained

It rained, something that hasn’t happened much for weeks. At least everyone has had a fairly authentic Scottish excavation experience now. Obviously strong winds and significantly lower temperatures would have helped, but we can’t really complain.

Lying down on the job
Reaching a tricky bit

Our main intention was to tidy up the trenches, cleaning out leaves and twigs, straightening out section edges.

Sieving in the mud
Sieving in the less muddy mud

Even with the rain the graveyard soil is still drier than it has been in months. This led us to adopt an unusual sieving policy; with every bucket of spoil being sieved as we worked. This didn’t slow us down too much and returned far more small finds than we would otherwise have retrieved.

Lunch in the GlassRoom
Lunch in the GlassRoom

Fife Council has very generously given us use of the GlassRoom in Pittencrieff Park during the field school. As well as being a great place to have lunch in the rain, we will use it as our base for finds processing and workshops.

Enthusiasm Undimmed
Enthusiasm Undimmed

Despite the weather we actually achieved a lot today. Students are familiar with the site now and it is ready for the first field school participants.

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