Cleaned finds from the graveyard

Last weekend Young Archseologist’s Club met in the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther to clean and sort a range of recent finds from the graveyard. The following images typify some of the more substantial finds. All were recovered scattered across the site within graveyard soil that included a range of other finds that included fragments of clay tobacco pipe, glass, industrial waste (slag), iron nails and handles.

The vertebra below sits at the top of the cervix (neck). It was the most complete part of an assemblage of broken bone recovered from fill next to a low pedestal probably intended as a stabilising foundation for an upright, no longer present, gravestone.

Atlas vertebra (C1) from graveyard
Atlas vertebra (C1), posterior up, from graveyard

As ever, teeth are over represented in osteological remains. These were recovered from sieved spoil. Over the last few weeks the dryness of the soil has increased the rate of recovery of smaller finds and so we have been sieving 100% of spoil. These teeth represent the smaller fraction of finds that display evidence of pathology other than simple wear to enamel caused by grit in food.

Selection of diseased teeth from graveyard
Selection of diseased teeth from graveyard

The patela below shows signs of wear

Left patella, anterior, from graveyard
Left patella, anterior, superior up, from graveyard
Selection of Radii fragments from graveyard
Selection of Radii fragments from graveyard


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