2018 Archaeological Field School

Gravestone with Skull & Crossed Bones
Gravestone with Skull & Crossed Bones excavated in the graveyard


The Abbey Graveyard and Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline are some of Fife’s important heritage landscapes.

For two weeks this August, through the wonders of archaeological research, we will …

learn and share more about some of its treasures …

… as members of local youth groups learn practical archaeological skills from …

… students working to complete field work they need for their degrees and future job prospects

… and experienced amateurs and professionals keen to share a wealth of archaeological experience and enthusiasm.

The field school is free to all participants, …

… they just have to pay to get themselves to Dunfermline.

Tuition, snacks, drinks and lunch are provided free to participating groups.

Students running the field school will be offered free board and lodging in Dunfermline for the two weeks of their stay.